Elevacity Science and Maufacturing

A partnership for the future.

Elevacity is extremely proud to announce its exclusive partnership with Alternative Labs, formulators and manufacturers of Elevacity's extraordinary products. Led by 36 year veteran Kevin Thomas, he and his team comprise over 75 years of collective experience with over 800 inventions, many of which are patented and scientifically validated. Beginning in mid 2016, Elevacity and Alternative Labs entered into an exclusive license agreement for the exclusive formulations created by the world-renowned scientific team for some of their most prized product formulas.

Elevacity chose Alternative Labs for this impeccable history of registrations and compliance, including cGMP Compliance Audited, along with their unmatched research and development department who continue to create some of the most profound nutraceuticals in the world. Mr. Thomas' team includes Md's PHD's Pharmacists, Chemist, Naturopaths, Food Scientists and Nutrition experts that work tirelessly to provide the most accurate and rigorous testing in the industry. Not just cGMP compliant, but NSF audited, USDA organic, kosher compliances in an FDA registered modern facility.

The Elevacity product line has been created and manufactured to truly elevate the health of its consumers with an incredible amount of science and research behind these exclusive formulations. In 2017, Elevacity, along with the continued development of Alternative Labs, will release new and powerful products not available anywhere else and in many cases with no close comparison to any products conceived previously.

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