Elevacity Health Products

Elevate Brew is a dark-roasted,
Colombian instant coffee infused
with nutritional supplements
focusing on weight loss
and cognitive functions.
Not all "weight loss"
coffees are the same.
XanthoMax - Xanthohumol
is up to 200 times more
powerful than resveratrol. 
Naturally gets your body
to release its own Oxytocin,
known as the
"Hormone of Happiness".

A delicious Hot Chocolate
that supports efforts to
control appetite and
enhance mental focus

Keto Cre
Effective, delicious and
decadent Ketogenic Creamer.
High quality healthy fats,
along with a specific amount
of key essential Ketōne
creating Aminos

XANskin was designed to
deliver xanthohumol deep
into skin cells to boost
various important genes
such as oxytocin, retinoic acid,
and oxidative stress gene.

Elier Moor Mask - this mask
purifies and infuses skin with
vital nutrients, minerals
and trace elements while
providing powerful free-radical
protection and antiseptic
properties, leaving skin
deeply nourished, replenished.

Timeless is an all-natural
instant skin tightener.
 It is one of the most
effective anti-aging skincare
ingredients on the market.

PURE is a Zeolite.
Key Benefits: Supports
a healthy immune system,
Helps remove heavy metals,
toxins and other substances,
Helps balance pH levels,
100 percent natural and non-toxic.

Extreme Energy
Is designed to sustain
a clear, focused stream
of energy throughout the day.

Extreme Hangover Defense
Is designed to replace
those lost nutrients
and kick that  brain fog
and headache to the curb.

Sound Sleep
A unique combination of
melatonin, the body’s
natural sleep hormone
and a special blend of
calming herbal remedies.

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